My name is Panisara Vitthayapradit. My nickname is Prim. I am 18 years old. I am Thai and I am a Buddhist. I am tall and thin. I have black hair and brown eyes. My hobbies are swimming and playing badminton. At the weekend I like chatting on the telephone with my friends and going to the shopping mall. Sometimes I watch a movie with my family. There are four members in my family. There are my dad , my mom , my older sister and me. Now, my sister studying at Mahidol University at the faculty of medicine.

At the weekend, I have extra lessons on Saturday morning but the rest of the time is my free time. At home I help my parents. I clean the house and wash the clothes. When I am not busy, I watch TV or read cartoon books. My favorite subjects are biology and Mathematics. My favorite food is Spaghetti. My favorite color is black and pink.

I have many friends. They are 15 members in my group. They are very kind. When I have too much homework, They always help me finish my work. They always make me smile. I want to say THANK YOU for everything that they done for me.

During the holiday I went to Khnom with my family. We went by car. We stayed in a Resort by the sea for one night. On Saturday and Sunday I played in the sea with my younger sister and my cousin. In the evening we walked around town. At night we ate seafood. Next day, we went to Songkla. Songkla is very beautiful. We stayed in my aunt’s house. In the evening I played a game with my younger sister. It was very fun. At night we ate at Pizza Hut. We had a fun time.

  ” Never miss the opportunity to follow your dreams.Older people who are unhappy with life. Are those with regrets.” this is my motto in my life. I always read a book because i do it for my beautiful future.

Thank you

Prim 28