My name is Patiparn Rermrek or as everybody called me Bank, or Bankadora as teacher Ryan gave this nickname to me 5 years ago. I’m quite a complicated person so that’s why I’m always making everything up in my mind before I arranged it. My birthday is on 28 February 1996, next year I’m 18 years old and I feel very excited with this age, just because it makes me feels like growing up. There are four people in my family, mom, dad, younger sister and me. We often spend time together in the afternoon on the dining table and I really enjoy my mother’s cooking.

I love reading all kinds of book especially the history book, my favorite one is the biography about Maria Antoinette, I really heart her life and attitude. Apart from reading history book I also read cartoon book, Doraemon is my favorite. Some people might think that a cartoon book is only for children, but not me, for me cartoon book is the best way to escape from my hard time. Also I have another ordinary hobby, going on social network, it’s my favorite one. I love talking to my friends about silly stuff.

Currently I’m really in to politic stuff because of my country situation right now and this is my inspiration to continue my interest in the faculty of politics Thammasat University. I’m planning many things in my head about my future but then I realize that a good future can start from a perfect present.

Thank you! ^^

Bank NO.23