To whoever is reading, as you’re reading this, you can’t stop. This is a curse. I was killed by the school guard because I was late for today’s morning assembly. You have to send this to all your Facebook friends or else -LOL, I’m kidding. Now you can stop reading if you want to.

So.. hey, my name is Natchaya Sukkaew (or just Ta to save time). I was born on July 27th 1995. Officially 18 now. My father is an architect(a big thank to the autocorrect, i can never spell this word correctly) and my mother is a nurse. I have a brother named Ten( guess what month he was born, yeah simply as that), currently studying in collegeI was actually brought up by my grandparents. Now that I have to study really hard, we don’t really get to meet but I manage to give them a visit once a month. Spending time with them is just the best. To be honest, I have no idea what I should write to make you get the picture of who I really am. I like to sing -like all the time- but with random lyrics that I make up because it’s just too hard to remember the original. My passions are simple; books and movies. No special genres, I just go for what I feel like at a certain time. As an M6, I’ve been figuring hard about what I want to major in, possibly something I’m passionate about. I don’t know, it’s always changing, there’re so many choices and I don’t want to rush myself just to get the answer. But surely I’ll do my best to make my parents proud of me.

So this is pretty much all about me. I’ve finally reached 300 words as required so. Stay cool !

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