I’m talking about Theodore Roosevelt. He is the 26th President of America. Other people are often called him Teddy and that is the strength of mind to cause teddy bear named Teddy.

He was born on 27 October 1858 in New York, USA. At the age of a children, Roosevelt was a child with a feeble and sick as asthma. But the man who is the inspiration for Roosevelt is Roosevelt Senior(His father). He graduated from Havard University in the best score and he graduated with honor rank 1. He liked reading the Autobiography, history, philosophy and rhetoric as well as to remember the details in writing to the understanding that there is a lot more than miserable. He likes to play sports, especially boxing and which he has been awarded the National Award in the boxing game of Harvard. He had tried to learn to play sports, to multiple delete an inferiority complex about their health body in the weak when  he was a child. His hobby is an interesting for me, it is hunting. He was married first to Alice Hathaway Lee, she died in the next 4 years later. When he was working with Joseph Bucklin Bishop on a biography that included a collection of his letters, he did not mention either of his marriages.

He was the president of one of America’s famous. He was a nationalist and radical as a leader in the management of the Active management. Roosevelt  was  create equality in the interest of economic and he believed that he should be as a representative of the people, whether it is a peasant migrant workers, the white businessmen and he called his name or the program that the management of equality. When a World War 1 in the year 1914, he refused to take sides with either Party. But after two or three months passed away, he had decided that the interests of the USA and the world need to get a victory over Germany by their very nature can be the best. The ability to mix with the nature of his success, he was regularly. He has been very successful in most of the show is a leading provider of control. He is an conservative person and supported the law advances to help poor people. He has been appointed to be the President of this year’s initial post struck a 26 after the assassination of the President of the United States.

I think Roosevelt is the best president. Because of the government of the country is pretty good and he was a man who does not discourage obstacles.

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