Tsar Nicholas II was the last emperor of Russia and also the last generation of Romanovs dynasty.His official short title was Nicholas II, “Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias.” He was enthroned as the king in 1894. He was called as “The weak king” because in his reign,  Russia had been facing with the starvation which is caused from the defeat in the Russo-Japanese war. Moreover Russia had joined the World War I which damaged Russia’s treasury a lot. All these crisis is one of the main reason of the revolution which is occured on October 1917.

For his family background, His father was Emperor Alexander III and his mother was Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia. He married to Queen Alexandar  Feodorovna. She was the princess Alix von Hesse-Darmstadt who was the princess of Denmark. They had 5 children namely ; Princess Olka,Tatiana,Mary, Anattasia and Prince Alex. One of the troubles of the fall of the dynasty is also from the Prince’s illness-“Hemophilia”. Later, the royal family was related with the priest from the upcountry named “Rasputin”. He was the great doctor who can relieve the crown prince to get better from the aggressive disease which make the royal family satisfactory and trust on him so much. In the other sides, this made the high royal servants and people don’t agree with the trust that the royal family gave to him. Rasputin was later killed by Prince Philip who was the royal relative of Tsar Nicholas.

His death and the fall of Romanov began from the people’s starvation and the weakness of the royalty. There are a lot of the rumors of the decline of the royalty and the king. People are unsatisfactory with the rule under his reign. In October 1917, It came to the end when people all around the country gather together to protest the government under his rule. After he decided to abdicate, he and his family emigrate to the house in the upcountry and later they were killed by the communist party in that house.

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