You don’t know, I don’t know you. Let me introduce myself my name’s PalitaNinkomon, “Tae” for short. My birthday is 03 January 1995. I study at The English Program of Kanalayanee Si Thammarat when I eat spicy food I will cry. My bad point is lazy to do homework and lazy to do anything that makes me bored. My good point is active to do everything that I like. My free time, I like to listen to music. My hobby is DJ. I’m a friendly and sunny girl.

I’ve two brothers and two sisters. My parents are very kind and understand their children all the time. When I have problems my parents always stay beside me. They teach me to be a good girl. They never get angry when I make mistakes. I love my family so much. My family is the best for me. I promise I will be good for them.

When I have available time I do anything that I want. Sometimes, I want to go to beach.  I go there with my beloved friends but most of my free time; I like to listen to music. It makes me happy and makes me relax.

“Make today to be a better day” because a new day is always a new beginning if we make every day to be a better day, We will always have only good things and also good chance in our life.