In the present, there are many chaos situations in Thailand, for example bombing in Radchaprasong Rd. and the battle between people and government. This news was broadcasted worldwide. The tourists were afraid of being here or they might choose another choice which is better but same the good point. It seems to be worse. People are concerned about the problem which is coming. No one does want to go out of home, because they just care about their safety.  As well as this point also affected to Entertainment companies which are going to have concerts and performance in Bangkok.

Thai Politic predicament hasn’t been peace since the coup d’etat in 2006.  This turmoil situation was appeared in last many years. Sometimes, they were violent, People were killed, the buildings were burned, and the belongings were stolen. It influenced to Arashi, Japanese boy band, Live in Bangkok with Thai Juniors was canceled in 2006. Their agency refers that they were care of the fans’ safety. Thai and neighboring countries fans were disappointed and doleful. In contrast, they wish that Arashi could have a concert in Malaysia or Singapore instead.

SM entertainment in South Korea was going to arrange the big concert leaded by TVXQ, and Super Junior in Thailand. Because of the politic problems in 2008, this concert was postponed to February 2009. By the way, Bangkok 100 Rock Festival Concert 2008 was canceled in the same year.

Few months ago, KBS K-pop Music Festival 2013 in Thailand was postponed. As a result of Shut Down Bangkok. At first, they seemed to be calm and peace. They just settled in the downtown for requiring their rights to revolution Thai Government. The Prime minister conceded to quit of the position, but still remain in Caretaker. The demagogue and citizen keep staying. Later, they were attacked by 2 grenades in Victory monument. It’s also an affect to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the definition is on 22 January 2014, was canceled. Frankie said “I am truly disappointed that I can’t perform for my fans in Thailand on Jan. 22. But your safety and security are more important and really matter to me. My thoughts are with you all. I promise I will come back to perform in Thailand soon”.

On the other hand, there are a lot of performances still keep on the plans, such as Avril Lavigne, Bruno Marz, Eric Clipton and Taylor Swift. Avril Lavinge Concert live in Bangkok was arranged on 12 February, 2014 without any problem although the protest was staying in Bangkok. It can prove that the protest can’t effect to her concert if they were not urged or provoke by the government and the demagogues.  In addition to Bruno Marz Concert, the tickets were sold out in the few hours. This is the evidence that show me what the matter can’t affect on the Thai fans for following their idols.

Taylor Swift Concert Live in Bangkok will perform or not depending on the politic situation. For my opinion, I believe that the agency will continue to perform the show, since the tickets will be sold out as soon as selling them. Many Thais have been waiting for hers. It has not often a big concert like this.

In conclusion, the shows are going on following the schedule if the protest and the government are calm and peace. In the contrast, Thais have passion for attempting to meet their beloved singers. They need to be worried about the security, as a result of the remonstrance is going to be drastic. Thus, they need to cancel the performances for saving their fans.