Nowadays, it is well known that teenagers and most women are still striving to find the diet can lose weight, but most of them choose the wrong way because they think that food choices can make us lose weight. This article will offer ways to eat healthy and can lead to weight loss for women as well.

Eat clean, as an alternative, you should study them it is not just health care, but you can have good stocks of fixed without going to torture with fasting. The food selection is very important step in beginning to eat, you have to calculate that each meal you eat each day can lead to drop-down is empty or not. A simple way science is taught, we should eat each day to one of 5 groups say easy, but it can be done, but we can do if we care. The following is an introduction to eat in each meal.  One breakfast is the most important meal, we should focus on foods that can provide the energy we fully eggs, milk, whole grains such as brown rice. Two lunch time meal is more important as well, we should pay attention to eat meals are quite close to the morning, but we should cut down on fat and flour. If we eat a meal, it makes me hungry and sleepy, too. Three meal this meal should be eaten, but I’m not giving too much starch and fatty foods should be avoided. Should focus on food, vegetables and protein.



Here are some foods you think are healthy.

1. Juice

It’s a juice that adults taught since childhood that well enough. Will impair your health also. The reason is because it’s not squeezed juice of your own hands by doing so. Juice shops, especially those smoothies too. Perhaps he did not take any fresh fruit you to drink it. But choose the one that’s going to waste. To reduce overhead costs I also do a lot more than the candy sugar to add flavor without needing to boot. The best You should choose refreshments own juicer.

2. Soy milk

But it comes with plenty of sugar hits. Especially in soy milk, flavored more. Just because of one’s energy up to about 50 kilo calories then.

3 white bread

Many delicious foods in the world whether it’s hamburgers, sandwiches as well as toast in the morning some people were made of white bread with them. It has plenty of sugar as awesome as ever. So for good health Why not bring them bread or wholegrain wheat has more fiber applied to your menu diet soda instead.

Shocking, right food, we think that a healthy back-breaking health, but do not worry, because if you care to eat it. Instead of buying these foods eaten raw materials turned clean and useful is the cooking itself. Hoping that the girls would be the hunt for this article applies to everyday well.

 by.Fon No.19