Are gays and lesbians using the Winter Olympics as a platform for their protests? Why should Russia listen?

It started from Russia is the country that isn’t a homophobia country so Russian doesn’t need people from Olympics being homophobia in their country.


(This is the photo of Protesters hold graphic images of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing lipstick during a protest against Russian anti-gay laws opposite the Russian embassy Friday in Madrid. Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

The Winter Olympics 2014 is held in Sochi, Russia. But a big problem had happened that is the protest from protesters in Russian. The gay right protest were organised in nineteen cities around the globe. Because of Russian people want against this thing. One thing that Russian have to know is the Olympics have become a direct cause of human rights abuses and maybe Russian should listen to this thinking of everyone because everyone has freedom and people who are gay and lesbian didn’t do anything wrong or disrespectful to the country. Most people think that the protest should be done because some others problems have connect to this main problem. They might be forced evictions, labor exploitation and included to the threat of arrest for anyone who happens to be too visibly homosexual in Sochi. So, people need to stop the protest for being peaceful for every athletes and everyone. Marie Campbell, a director at the equality campaign group told a BBC journalist that the new Russian laws went against the spirit of the Olympics and she said “All we are saying is that we can’t just ignore the fact that this is happening in Russia where these anti-gay laws are preventing the Olympic values being lived and enjoyed by millions of people.”After that a big sponsor named AT&T convicted Russia’s stance, said”against Russia’s anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) law”.

From all these problems at Sochi, Winter Olympics 2014 through through the reasons people have to against Russian anti-gay laws. Russian need to listen to others what people from others countries want, not just what Russian want. It should be free for everyone and being peaceful together.

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