In my opinion, Harem wants to disturbed Russia’s government. In Russia has bombed at a crowded railroad station in southern Russia on Sunday. It was bomb in the main railroad station in Volgograd, a city 550 miles south of Moscow and 400 miles northeast of Sochi. The bomb blew out windows in the building’s facade and left a horrific scene of carnage at its main entrance. At least 16 people were killed and nearly three dozen others were wounded. This booming happened six weeks before the Winter Olympics. It’s made Russia’s government get furious. President of Russia name is Vladimir V. Putin told everyone that he has worked to protect the Olympics with the most extensive security for the winter Olympics game but it happens the bombings at Volgograd in Russia. Stage agency warned people around there be careful with the bomb will happen soon. President of Russia told the guards have to check people who have tickets for airline and suspected person. Check all of their October, a woman identified as Naida Asiyalova aboard a bus in the city, killing herself and six others. It was not clear why suicide bombers have now twice some of the crucial battles of World War II. It is the nearest major Russian city to the Caucasus, and its proximity may play a role. In that case, the authorities said she was linked by marriage to an explosives expert working with an Islamic group in Dagestan, a republic in southern Russia where the police have struggled to suppress a Muslim separatist insurgency.

A month later, the authorities announced that they had kill her husband in a raid. But the attack on Sunday indicated that the threat was far from extinguished. President of Russia worried about this case will happened again so he take care all the people in his country. At the same time, Ministry of American Foreign Affairs warn travelling to Russia and told American people be careful with dangerous will happen soon. Suggest that athlete should not wear sport suits. All around the world interested in this news it made president of Russia place importance with his country. In the near future, Harem will clap into the jail.

Finally winter Olympics will pass.

Ploy #30