“How will Thailand effect economic from its investment in the ASEAN’s project to build the Trans-VN Bridge?”

     6 days ago, there was news about Vietnam is building the longest sea bridge or the trans-VN Bridge. So before that Vietnam grabbed a position in exporting rice of Thailand that Thailand had been the first in exporting rice. And if they completed building the bridge, what will happen to Thailand?

Problem from rice mortgage scheme of Thailand that this government was the implementation. Which rice mortgage scheme has effects to Thailand whether corruption that makes no money to pay farmers also make an impact on exporting rice of Thailand that had been the first exporter but now Vietnam vie for the position. And after 6 days ago that has news about Vietnam is building the longest sea bridge to connecting the northern region to what will be the country’s largest port, as it prepares for a boost in cargo shipments by sea.

The longest sea bridge, this is bridge that Vietnam has built for transport connections ASEAN – Vietnam – China. By this bridge connect Hai Phong city to  Lach Huyen Port, which is being built on Cat Hai Island.and it has length about 5.44 kilometers. Also this the longest sea bridge that Vietnam is building also part in A new highway is being built from Haiphong City to bustling Hanoi about 110 meters that will accelerate the speed of freight by truck between the new port and the capital of Vietnam. By Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam said that the bridge and port will entail the development of economic society. Not only the city of Haiphong But also to the north of Vietnam. And Ministry of Transport announced that every Ports in the north of Vietnam has the potential to accommodate up less than 100 million tons per year, but expected to increase to 146-176 million tons per year in 2563 and  Luxembourg Hian port  will support the 35-50 million tons per year in 2563 but the bridge are scheduled to open in 2559 to accommodate larger cargo ships that Traveling directly from Vietnam to Europe and the U.S. that makes The export of Vietnam has the potential to competitive more than now. And this bridge also used as a transit point goods from Laos that Neighbors is the west and from the south of China to the northern city of Haiphong of Vietnam.

And If you think about the longest sea bridge of Vietnam in the idea of Thailand. Where is our economy going?  I think our economic downturn would be more because the foreign countries encourage the trade with Vietnam because Vietnam has a wage lower than. So the government and people of Thailand should help together to resolve this economic and make we can fight Vietnam when we go to ASEAN.

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