When natural resources like “oil” become less and less everyday against demand increasing. That’s why it cause oil expensive day by day. People around the world have to shoulder this. Certainly, Thai people who own car have to fill up their car.

According to gasoline price on 16 February 2013. Gasoline 91 was at 46.45 baht/litre. While gasoline 95 was at 48.95 baht/litre. At that time, we might have seen oil price at 50 baht/litre. Many people who use car complaints “Why oil price so expensive?”.

However, when we look at survey data of The Bloomberg Gas Price Ranking sorts 60 countries by average retail price and by “pain at the pump,” which measures the percentage of average daily income needed to buy a gallon of fuel. Found that Turkey uses the most expensive oil in the world at $9.89 per gallon (78 baht/litre). Follow by Norway at $9.63 per gallon (76 baht/litre). And the 3rd  Netherlands at $9.09 per gallon (71.50 bath/litre)

While “Thailand” is sorted at 47th which oil price at $4.42 per gallon (34 baht/litre). Regardless to Singapore which is at 37th (50 baht/litre). Including the Philippines which is at 43th (38 baht/litre).

Top 10 country which has the most expensive oil price in the world in 2013.

  1. Turkey  (average 78 bath/litre)
  2. Norway (average 76 baht/litre)
  3. The Netherlands (average 71.50 baht/litre)
  4. Italy (average 70 baht/litre)
  5. Portugal (average 69.50 baht/litre)
  6. Greece (average 68 baht/litre)
  7. Sweden (average 67 baht/litre)
  8. Belgium (average 66 baht/litre)
  9. France (average 66 baht/litre)
  10. Denmark (average 65 baht/litre)

If we look at this it’s just superficially that Thailand oil price isn’t so expensive. But don’t forget this is just sorted ranking of oil price in other country. If we want to compare exactly how and which country use expensive and cheap we should use “cost of living” which mean income per day of population in that country.

When we compare like this. It seems like Thailand population has average income per day around $17 (about 550 baht). So, Thailand will be placed at Top 10 country which has the most expensive oil price in the world in 2013. ¼ of income per day of thai people pay for oil.

Nevertheless, gasoline is so expensive it may cause by many factor like inflation rate and the most important is political situation in Thailand. Which role the most part. Petroleum Thai (PTT Co.Ltd.) is being accused of benefit for Thaksin. CEO of PTT want to make profit about 5 trillion baht. To do that they have to wider gap between buy and sell price to increase more profit. Also, Excise Department in Thailand. Which is the department who controls all type of oil. They try to keep oil price of diesel and gasohol EXCEPT gasoline. This can make gasoline get more expensive but to the diesel Excise Department say it shouldn’t hold over 40 baht/litre.

In conclusion, Thai people who ride a motorcycle have to think and plan their trip first to save money in his pocket. While the other country oil is so expensive as Thailand.

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