31 October is the day the Celts , who is one of Ireland’s indigenous tribes considered the end of summer and the next day, 1st November is new year. Which on 31 October the Celts believed that ghosts out of hell to earth at a quiet night on 31 October of each year to possess alive people’re body (that why someone see ghosts in this day). Alive people protect themselves by dressed as ghosts, decorate house like a haunted house and turning off the lights in the house. They think ghosts would fear and leave their house. Legend also has that there saw real ghosts in this day and someplace burnt “Someone is possessed by evil spirits”. So people call that day Halloween or Hallowe’en.

Legend also has that there saw real ghosts in this day such as Anne’re story : http://paranormal.about.com/od/Halloween/a/Halloween-Horror.htm . Please use judgment in reading.

In Thai, we have celebrate like Halloween, it calls Sat Thai Day and in Nakhonsrithaommarat (and the southern of Thailand) we know that’s  Sat Deun Sip Day (“deun” means month and “sip” means ten, so Deun Sip mean tenth month). Sat comes from Pali sārada, which means autumnal this is only a certain region of the world like Europe, China and north India. A range of cereal crops and the fruit begins to ripen the crop in the first season, so the people feel welcome. And hold a festival of jubilation. So often raised Baptist by faith and so-called “Seasonal Festival”. Some places will be imported crops were called “the first” to their goddess (demeter or Pra-mea posok or someone like her) worship the sacred respect. To the prosperity and respect gods foraspired to grain cropsabundant and harvest them.

We have had Sat Thai Day since the Sukhothai period. According to the evidence in the book Noppamas, Sat Thai Day occurs at the end of Thai lunar calendar Moon 10, that is, waning day 15, evening. Because of Brahmin missionaries to Thailand, Thai has been the tradition with Sat derived from Brahmanism. The evidence in book the ceremonial twelve months. Which celebrates the King Chulalongkorn.

Later, we include beliefs about the philanthropy to relative who died and ghosts who came from hell to our world (for portion of merit) on Sat Thai Day. As a result Sat Thai Day become to “The philanthropy to someone who died day” and “Ghost Festival” (like Halloween).

by Angpao M.610 Number 7