“why some of Thai people can’t drink milk and allergic to milk, Is milk’s danger for human?”

In Thailand we have so many kids but some of them are fat and some of them are skinny. For Thai people they believe that if their kids drink a lot of milk when they grow up they will be very strong and tall and healthy but they don’t know if their kids drink too much milk their kids will be fat and risky to get disease not only kids but for adult it can be too. If you are milk lover you should have read this.
Many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the U.S. campaign to stop people drinking milk seriously. Research shows that milk causes allergies, diabetes, bone decay ADHD children’s ear infections, asthma, abdominal pain, bedwetting, nosebleed, headache, sinusitis, etc. Milk causes the body to high real big. But not because calcium
Cow’s milk is hazardous to health, cumulative unconsciously. As most people are well aware that cows not human food. No other animal on this planet. Drink the milk of other animals And experimental work show that the milk of another animal’s poison.
Milk has a different effective some have a slow expression but some have a early expression someone drink it and shock someone drink it and vomit someone drink it and bleeding in the lung for slow expression is a skin rashes, asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, diabetes, obesity increases the risk of cancer. This shows that milk is danger for human. However, nobody care about this research because they still believe that if you drink a lot of milk you will be strong and healthy.
There is one man that he is allergic to milk. He can’t drink milk since he was young. He is so worry about his son he scared that his son will allergic to cow’s milk like him. He went to see a doc tor and doctor said “lucky you that you body don’t accept milk and he isn’t misled to drink cow’s milk “ the doctor said that this man he look like a healthy man not fat that much doesn’t look like the European who always eat and drink cow’s milk and cheese and then when they get older they will be very fat because of cheese and cow’s milk. This man his height about 1.8 meters for Thai people he is tall.
In fact, cow’s milk is not good that much that you think but to drinking cow’s is the beginning of many disease in your life. If you saying that you are healthy people but you still drink cow’s milk you should have think about it again that what you think and what you do is it right? I am the one who like to drink cow’s milk but after this research I am thinking about not to drink cow’s milk and I will tell everyone that you shouldn’t have drink cow’s milk if you don’t want to be the failing health.