what is the most majority point that ASEAN want it be , does people in southeast asia really going to like this project and is it business staff will be easier to do?

Nowadays, it is well known. Thailand is going to join with the ASEAN Economic Community in 2558, making every organization of the country are eager to develop and prepare in various ways to a par with international economics, politics, education and culture. It was also featured on the cultures of neighboring countries.
Association of South East asia Nations or ASEAN is a geopolitical and economic organization in Southeast Asia. It was established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok. ASEAN has 10 countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand , Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. ASEAN has an area of approximately 4,435,670 square kilometers with a population of around 590 million people. In the year 2553 the GDP of member countries accounted for approximately $ 1.8 trillion , which is No. 9 in the world. ASEAN countries have English as the official language. ASEAN Cooperation has 3 sides or 3 main pillars such as ASEAN Security Community- ASC The aim is to bring ASEAN countries coexist peacefully. Solving problems by peaceful means. 2. SEAN Economic Community- AEC) The purpose is to Southeast Asian regional stability and prosperity and can fight other regions. and 3. ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community-ASCC) Human development, protection and social welfare, social justice, environmental sustainability, the creation of an ASEAN identity.And ASEAN aims include accelerating economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, protection of regional peace and stability, and opportunities for member countries to discuss differences peacefully . In 2558 that all member states to join ASEAN. To make the movement of goods, services, investment and skilled labor, freedom of capital liberalization even more.

The majority point of ASEAN is want want people, business, and many others organization in south east Asia become one. So, at this time, each countries in south-east Asia have to learn about ASEAN, what is going to happen when ASEAN has started? ,and Is it good for people or business in south-east Asia? So, they are sure that the prediction of ASEAN will be very great for almost every business in every single countries members. People in south-east Asia will contact together they could make more friends and learn many languages so that people will be nice to each other. But ASEAN also cons side too, one of them is every countries need more resources for making their products. So, it will be bad for nature area because people need more natural resources. One thing that people should be really is knowing that it’s very soon in 2015 all 10 member countries are going to join the ASEAN.

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