How does India plan to negotiate the release of the 39-year-old diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, arrested in America; maintain a balance relationship with America? ​In the past, relationship between India and America began in August of 1947, when the British granted British India its independence creating two countries currently known as India and the predominantly Muslim Pakistan. This event and the Kashmir dispute have left tension in the relationship between both countries which have led to the wars. America has traditionally taken a neutral stance on the conflict and advocated for a peaceful resolution.But during the cold war India is one of founder a group of Non-Aligned-Movement also called NAM, its neutral group cooperation in the cold war that created tension with America. In the early 1900’s India realized planned economy system had run its course and that a change toward an open market approach was need. America offered India support in its economy in its economic transformation by reducing protectionist policies, India became one of the fastest growing economy in the world and America trading partner. So America and India recently embarked on a controversial bilateral cooperation on nuclear power, called the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative. ​

But on December 2013 with the case of Devyani Khobragade, the deputy consul general of the consulate general of India in New York City was arrested on accusations of submitting false visa documents with respect to her maid and of not paying the maid a minimum salary. The strip search of Khobragade by U.S. marshals sparked protests in India and demands from Delhi. There was a diplomatic standoff between India and America, the Indian government required the American official to leave from Delhi, that made their relationship get worse.

Though John Kerry, the US secretary of state, expressed regret shortly after the incident, this fell short of the apology demanded by Indians. Maintaining a tough stand against America over the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, Parliamentary Affairs Minister , Kamal Nath, said that America’s apologize as the action taken against her is totally unacceptable. India has forced the U.S. embassy in New Delhi to close down its commercial activities, including a popular social club, and has said all diplomat and embassy-staff vehicles in the country will be subject to local laws. And now the America has confirmed that American official left its embassy in Delhi at India’s request.

In my point of view, I think India must negotiate with America because Khobragade case is a small issue of irritation. India shouldn’t get rid of their relationship with America just because a weakness accident like this case, they have a long term partnership, with big issues in the past that they have related. Although this case is very sensitive for Indians but however America has already apologised for their mistake so India should forgive for their long term relashionship.

Negotiation is the best way to keep the relationship between America and India. Although their relationship aren’t too smooth but negotiation is always the best way to solve the problems.

Ae Atitta #18 M.610