Thai and Burma had war several times. In the record it’s said that Thai made war with Burma 9 times. Thai won 5 wars and Burma won 4. The war began in the period of king  Tabinshwehti. The began when Burmese bring their armies to Ayutthaya territory but the Thai win in those time Thai were aren’t called Thai in those days it was called Siam.

The topography of Burma wasn’t quite good compare to Thailand. Burma is Hot and dehydrate. Once Burma was takeover by England and Burma was very obstinacy. The Burmese armies was quite strong because of Burma was built up before Thailand for a Longtime.Thailand and Burma doesn’t go along together. They had both big and small wars but the reason of the war was of

1. Burma want more people in their country they had a lot of land but there are not much people and they want more slavery.

2. The war mostly was just and order of the king.

3. The war was to takeover “Lanna” because there are lot’s of beautiful women in this country.

4. The war mostly were started because of changing king for example if a king dies and another came up he will show that he’s a powerful king just to make people believe and scare of him to show off.


5. In those they people believe in different thing there’s and animal called “Chang perk” this animal looks like and elephant but it wholes body is white people believe that anybody that has it would be lucky. This animal is very rare. People believe that if the king have lots of it the country would be develop and peaceful. Burma has a lot of Changperk but Thai had little so that’s another reason for war.

The war was only settled in sunny season because of solider don’t have any place to avoid rain. Even if they fighting and it rain both of them will stop and withdraw force back.

There are 4 kinds of forces 1.foot solider 3.elephant 4.boat and of course there aren’t any air force in those day weapons in those days were sword,guns and some have shield but gun in those day weren’t as power as these days. The solider must have fighting skills.

Many kind of way were use to defend the territory some use hot oil pure it on top of the solider some use knife to stap but the best way is to dig around your territory and fill it with water because it will take time to cross and it will be easy to attack.