As usual, Thai students, from M.1-M.6, have a class at 8am until 4pm approximately. Each weekdays we spent most of our time in class study at least 8 period a day, each period takes 50 minutes. As the ASEAN education ranking, Thai education ranked in number 8 out of 10 ASEAN countries. Is that clearly explain that we are waking in the wrong direction. Are we really aim? for quality? or we aim for quantity?

Despite having two free days out of seven, Saturday and Sunday are not part of the weekend but rather another busy day spent furthering their children’s education for KNEP student’s families. Some family have to drop their children by at the extra class school at 7.30am and return them home at 4pm. How can this happen along with full time classes on weekdays?. According to the poll that i have randomly surveyed Thai student from M.1-M.6 at KNEP, there are three main points for this reason. The first point is, KNEP’s student feel like they doesn’t get enough knowledge and information from the teacher in class. Saying that 50 mines for each subject is quite too short tp learn something penetrably. The second point is KNEP’s student seems not to have enough concentration in class that contains at least 30 students, because of the noise and distraction from their friends. The last point is some student feels more comfortable with easy going teacher at extra class school. In my own experience some teacher goes too mean to student and make them scared to ask or answer questions in class.

On the other hand, apart from class reasons. By considering the extra fees for extra class, Why? parent and their children still pay that much money for it. In Thailand we value on the education, especially the university, so much. So it’s not the curious reason why nowadays parents willing to pay that much on extra class in order to make sure that they children get enough knowledge to do the test for university entrance examination. This fact does not separate the money status of the parent, it turns to a role that apart from the school fees they still have to pay additional for extra class as well. Mrs Nichapat, M.5 parent whose daughter is currently studying at KNEP, admitted the cost of extra tutoring was quite expensive – as much as 3,000 baht for a course. But she said the expense would be worthwhile if it helped launch her children on successful careers.

In contrast, finally, these things happen in pros and become the cons at the same time. Student gains a lot more knowledge for studying extra class but on the contrary less concentration in class and some group of student just go for fashion in studying extra class in weekdays. However, the ministry of education should solve this problem quickly or otherwise the normal weekdays school will turns to a playground.

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