The word K-POP came from the word “Korean pop culture (some sources say that reference from the word “South Korean pop culture), which was published in the Korean culture in the Thai in the form of a similar to current – Pop is not that it will be a drama on television, movies, pop music or rock music. Current K-POP among Thai youth, strength, which can be seen from the strategic marketing of products and services that belong to the Company’s production artists out or come from fans. Fans of K-POP age most will be in the range 17 – 19 years old. Because teenagers in the age as said, this use their own favorite artists, some parents are the driving forces that you may be looking at these children nonsense just because their favorite artists, but if parents try open mind they do not have what damage it is only the mad, and the ability of the artist.

In Thailand there are many Korean artist group fan club of their leisure activities are monitored and work activities of their favorite artists through a social network. Examples, Facebook, Twitter, Line official etc. This was because the communication or the information is easier to make it easier to catch up. Among Thai youth group, one of the Korean artists imitate, they will be beating his favorite and be deemed to be a leisure activity, which activity is called cover dance. Where to find the jobs that are available on the Korean artists in Thailand.

In addition, there are also K-DRAMA K-POP’s current. K-DRAMA is a drama of South Korea are popular among teenagers worldwide is not lost to K-POP. There will be multiple KDRAMA formats which will be similar to the drama in Thailand. Examples, drama, horror, investigation and variety show.

According to the downtown streets or in Korea will open music of KPOP and have a cover dance group all along the way. The reason why artists and their works from Korea is a favorite of people around the world because of the presentation and the music play list or new concept that has kept coming out to show the development of the country.

This is a particularly popular KPOP artist of the people around the world are ranked by the media’s greatest Dispatch media Korea has a list as follows:


If we love, or favorite artist and limits, there would be a good result for us.

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