Since having changed into Democracy, Thailand has been facing with lots of the political turmoil which has often happened regularly. One of the causes have involved with the stability of law fairness. Sometimes, law was claimed that unjust so that there were many following turmoil’s. Since 1932, the revolution year from Absolute Monarchy to the Democracy, were 32 amnesty acts for political benefits. However, this year, one of the hottest year for Thailand political moments, there are the protestors who disagree with the amnesty bill which is being created.

This amnesty bill is talking about that the law will wipe out the mistakes for the Political Offences during 2004-2013. For the side of supporters said that this is such a unity law which will bring the peace to Thailand but the reality didn’t. In the beginning of the voting for the bill in the parliament, some of the representatives hadn’t shown up in the meeting but there were their ballots appeared. This was the beginning of the unjust procedures which started from the first step in voting the representatives ‘agreements. Moreover, if we look inside to the contents, we will find the imply truth that showing the real requirements for some politicians who did the mistake and corrupted in the few past year ago. Those will get the real benefits from the bill. According to the leader of PDRC, the group of protestors, claimed that Thaksin Chinnawat, the old prime minister of Thailand, will get the most benefits from the bill. Nowadays, Thaksin has been escaping to overseas from the decision of the Supreme Court that judged him in jail because of his corruption and the violent policy that he used in the time of his government. So, if the bill passes, he will able to get back to Thailand innocently.

What are the benefits to Thai people? This question needs the answers from the politicians who agreed with the bill immediately. From the day that the bill passed in the first round until the day before the court had judged again, nobody could answer the real benefits clearly. The main tension was aimed to the Prime Minister, Yinglak Chinawat, who was the one who agree with the law. She is also claimed that she is just the proxy Prime Minister for her brother, Thaksin. She cannot be able to explain anything about this bill. Moreover, there are a large number of the protestors appeared sharply. So, The Constitution court had the final decision that the bill is against the law because it opposed the real aim of the law. The real aim is to make the unity of Thailand but in fact, it made more turmoil in Thailand. So, the amnesty bill was invalid.

Do the political benefits of the recently proposed amnesty bill outweigh the benefits to the Thai taxpayers? This question has already clear answer from the all reasons above. Having carefully examined the arguments for and arguments against, I find that the question “Do the political benefits of the recently proposed amnesty bill outweigh the benefits to the Thai taxpayers?” is not true. Thai taxpayers don’t even get any benefits from the bill. Furthermore, it made more disorders in Thailand.