Thailand had been ruled by The absolute Monarchy system until the reign of King Rama VII
           It was all for the Thai students that went to study abroad(mostly in France). Starting from King Rama V’s time, back then, Thailand didn’t have universities yet so the King grant scholarship for students to go abroad. The king was aware that these educated students knew better that the world was changing and we needed to change the system too as he received many letters from them. He tried to present a model of a democratic town but it didn’t work because most of the Thais weren’t educated enough or able to understand with such environment in the past, specially people in the rural.
          It had been like that until the reign of King Rama VII
 , after wars and everything. The King was claimed to be weak because of the country’s economy at the time. He stated in his personal journal that he never wanted to be a King who controls everyone but a King of a country of Freedom. He had presented the constitutional written by himself to the nobles for 2 times but wasn’t supported. In 1932, while the king was in London to cure his health problem, a group of the educateds, calling themselves ‘People’s party’, performed a bloodless coup against the absolute monarch and introduced Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary government.  The king didn’t get to come back to Thailand anymore. To make it sadder- after years past,he died alone in London.
         After the coup, there came elections and more coups. Simply because the whole country didn’t truly understand the concept of Democracy. Laws and the constitution weren’t practical. Powerful people took advantages from the laws the made. People weren’t aware of how they’re being tricked and not treated as the laws state. Thailand needed its King because people feel that The king was the one who can unite the country for harmony despite the politic crisis. So King Rama VIII enthroned. But not long after that, he was assassinated. Thus, right in the same day, King Rama IX because there’s a saying ‘The King never dies’ meaning the country cannot let the throne be empty. No matter how the politic crisis went, the people feel safe because King Rama IX actually visit people in every provinces, focusing in the rural.
         In April 29th 1973, during Prime minister Thanom Kittikachorn, really corrupt prime minister, the news announced that a helicopter crashed down in a legally preserved forest and lots of dead animals illegally chased were found. Thus, conservative students from 4 biggest universities of the country published a book called ‘secret journal of Toong Yai(the forest)’ revealing the government’s corruption and everything. But no one came out to pay responsibilities so 9 students of Ramkamhaeng University wrote a book called ‘No answer from the university’ to state that as proud students, they need to do something. Later the university cut out their names from the student list. They were kicked out. That was the beginning of the student protest at the Constitutional Monument on June 21st and 22th. The university finally had to put the names back to the list.
         Thanom then felt unsafe and enforce crazy laws; none can criticize the government, all the press should be under the government, there is no more election, constitution is no more used and there can’t be any political group formed in anywhere of the country. This was not a clever move.
          October 6th, 100 people of different types of careers signed their names to  call for the constitution and sent it to the government. They refer the call of constitution to King Rama VII who also supported it. 20 of them separate to spread the leaflet around Bangkok. 11 were caught and put in jail, accused of being communists going against the government which is considered a really bad action back then. Later 2 more people were caught. These 13 people were call constitutional rebels. (They were against the law that clearly stated that the constitution was false(?) by asking for the constitution.)
           The whole country was upset, mostly the students because they were educated well enough to know that those 13 were actually call for democracy. They then gathered at Thammasart University, the university established by the leader of the People’s party, Preedee Panomyong. They stated themselves that the protest will go on until the government let go of the 13 constitutional rebels which must be done before noon of October 13th but the government refused to.
          In the morning of October 13th, around 500,000 students and people set out of Thammasart marching to protest. Jing Rama IX was then worried and call the leaders of the students and The government to make peace until they all agree to end this conflict but there was something with the communication.
          October 14th, there was possibly a bloodshed chaos starting in the very early morning between the unarmed students and the armed officials. People fighting in the university area, around the palace(Princess Sirinthorn let the students that were running away from guns in her palace.) and the main roads. There, in the afternoon, was even a helicopter hovering, firing at the students.
          In the late evening, the official radio announced that President Thanom had finally resigned, thought, some of the protesters didn’t believe and went on until October 16th until The king asked all the people to stop. So everyone involved helped one another to clean the capital.
The event was remembered as the first time the whole country really called for their rights and the way students sacrificed their lives for the constitution.
(Thanom escaped out of the country.)
          At that time, there were actually two groups of educated students. They shared the concept that they wanted no more absolute government, thus, all were against Thanom. One group longs for the real election but the other want to develop wealth distribution of the country believing that the election system is bad for rural dwellers because the only group of people that get the advantages are the powerful investors thus they should set up their own communist government that will provide equality. The Communist Government was secretly set up. In October 6th 1976, the soldiers took over the country committing dead penalty; firing, hanging and more, to all the people involved including the farmers. Those who managed to escape joined one another in the forest.
          Since then the country has been in a civil-war-alike situation where people fight with people
          One group are those who hate communist supported by powerful investors who need to stabilize their power and make sure that the country is not going to be communist. They encourage people to hate communist by spreading about how the communist will abolish the royal and the King.
          The other group are people from mostly agricultural careers and some are the liberals who are actually encouraged( by the escaped communist students in the rural) to call for the right of poor people.
           It is a kind of brain drain because all the students involved are those who’re talented. This event was more bloodshed than what happened in 1973 and caused the whole country a big shock. Later on, a new constitution was promulgated. General Prem Tinsulanonda assumed power and decided to excuse all the communist students that were still hiding with a deal that they should all stay in the capital(Bangkok), not to live and study in rural area, that way they don’t form with the farmers anymore. Those who broke the deal and went to the rural were actually put to sleep.
          The communist way is not anymore practical. The group finally declined. Some of the rest communists, at the present, teach in famous universities of the country. Some believe that in order to fight back they also need to first cooperate with ‘a powerful investor’ too. Thus they can get to be voted, get positions government and later set the country to be communist.
          In 2001, the communists finally found the ideal investor who offer to buy seats in the Parliament and the Gov for them. ‘The ideal investor’ then got voted to be a prime minister. All his policies really please the communist people who right then were in the gov. The policies actually pleased all the agricultural career people and every one in rural area. But the cooperation between the prime minister and the communist gov didn’t work out well because the communist found out that the prime minister was greedy and was buying people’s hearts in order to get all the policies flexible for his family’s company. This also upset those powerful investors in the opposite side( those against communist) too because they will lose their profits.
        People in the country noticed that the prime minister is corrupt and started to dig deep about him and they’re also against the communist because they believe these people will abolish the royal. Now the communist have to really be in the prime minister side. The prime minister has some of the communist to be the leader to encourage poor people to support him(farmers have big influence in every election).
         Now we’re fighting about different thing but against each other. One group  fights to preserve the institution(with the supporters supporting for their business growth) and the other group -poor people-  fights to be equal(supported by a corrupt and greedy businessman and prime minister)
          When the opposite love the royal, then the communist started to hate the royal and find the royal selfish for being rich.
            When it got too much, the military took over the country again(happened when the PM was abroad). The PM’s party was also abolished for being corrupt. The ex PM didn’t get to come into the country anymore until now but his family still rule all the business. The communist are still being paid to be active and support the new party they’ve set. The ex PM sister, actually a housewife, finally got to be a PM too. The ex PM and some farmers claim the the King is mean to its people. The ex PM is actually being Thai PM through skype, trying to get the world think that Thai people are not civilized for wanting monarchy more than democracy when actually these two things are never invovlved. It kind of upsets people when he relate the King and make the world think the King is not using his power right. Last year The PM(the sister of the ex PM) present the amnesty bill for the Senate. And the Senate passed the bill. The next process is that the king will have to sign it and the ex PM will get to come back. If the King doesn’t sign it then the whole world will think that the king is being greedy of power and that we’re not civilized. Also, even though the King doesn’t sign, in the next 100days the gov can bring the bill back and approve it by themselves. Some people are upset and that’s the beginning of the on going protest in BKK right now. When dig deeper, some farmers finally came out and tell the world that the gov take their rice without giving them any money. They’ve waited for almost a year already. So far 10 something farmers have committed suicide.  People gathered for more than a million but the PM just won’t go out. She has no answer for the lost rice stock(lost during transportation from a province to the other). Some farmers were fed with news that the gov didn’t have money to pay back because of the protest so they’re again the protesters in BKK(the protest has just been held for 4 months, it is actually confirmed by economists that the gov is lying.). Some people that stay still think that the protest was held by the ex PM’s opposite party to take advantage of the country so they don’t join(which is for some parts true I think)That’s pretty much everything. I really hope the whole world really understand what’s happening here.