What is the impact of the ivory trade in China in reducing of elephants in Thailand how do we solve this problem?

The prime minister of Thailand pledged to end the nation’s ivory trade, responding to growing calls from international wildlife groups desperate to stop the slaughter of African elephants. In a speech at the opening of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species conference in Bangkok, the prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, promised to amend the kingdom’s laws, which critics say include loopholes that have allowed smugglers to ferry African tusks to Thai markets and onward, often to China, the world’s top destination for illegal ivory. Thailand is believed to be the second-biggest market for illicit elephant tusks. The announcement, which pleased environmentalists, places additional pressure on China to halt its legal ivory trade, a thriving industry that experts say has helped fuel the highest rate of African elephant poaching in decades. Since the beginning of 2012, conservationists say, more than 32,000 elephants have been killed by poachers. Although some of the ivory ends up in Thailand, much of it is smuggled to China, where it is carved into the figurines, chopsticks and other trinkets coveted by that country’s newly affluent consumers. Animal rights groups have accused the Chinese government of failing to stem the surge in illegal ivory, a charge that Beijing denies.   Changing Thai law, which currently violates international rules set by the convention, would also remove the threat of trade sanctions against Thailand that have been sought by conservation groups.

The solutions

In a climate where both the black market price for ivory and its demand are so high, elephants’ lives are put at risk by the mere prospect of a sanctioned sale of ivory. If the poaching of elephants and ever growing trade in illegal ivory is to be seriously addressed, part of the solution to this complex problem must be a return to the full ban on the sale of ivory established in 1989.

Other measures which must be taken with urgency include:

Address the involvement of international criminal syndicates by means of strong law enforcement at both national and international levels along the full extent of the supply – demand chain. The effectiveness of this measure should be judged not only by ivory seizures and arrests recorded but also by convictions with proportionate penalties and the disruption of trade networks.

Close down domestic (national) markets in ivory, to accompany the international trade ban instituted by CITES.

Educate consumers in order to stem the demand for ivory. A survey in China found that almost 70% of the public thought ivory did not come from dead elephants but that it fell out naturally, like teeth.



Research: How does India plan to negotiate the release of the 39-year-old diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, arrested in America; maintain a balance relationship with America?

How does India plan to negotiate the release of the 39-year-old diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, arrested in America; maintain a balance relationship with America? ​In the past, relationship between India and America began in August of 1947, when the British granted British India its independence creating two countries currently known as India and the predominantly Muslim Pakistan. This event and the Kashmir dispute have left tension in the relationship between both countries which have led to the wars. America has traditionally taken a neutral stance on the conflict and advocated for a peaceful resolution.But during the cold war India is one of founder a group of Non-Aligned-Movement also called NAM, its neutral group cooperation in the cold war that created tension with America. In the early 1900’s India realized planned economy system had run its course and that a change toward an open market approach was need. America offered India support in its economy in its economic transformation by reducing protectionist policies, India became one of the fastest growing economy in the world and America trading partner. So America and India recently embarked on a controversial bilateral cooperation on nuclear power, called the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative. ​

But on December 2013 with the case of Devyani Khobragade, the deputy consul general of the consulate general of India in New York City was arrested on accusations of submitting false visa documents with respect to her maid and of not paying the maid a minimum salary. The strip search of Khobragade by U.S. marshals sparked protests in India and demands from Delhi. There was a diplomatic standoff between India and America, the Indian government required the American official to leave from Delhi, that made their relationship get worse.

Though John Kerry, the US secretary of state, expressed regret shortly after the incident, this fell short of the apology demanded by Indians. Maintaining a tough stand against America over the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, Parliamentary Affairs Minister , Kamal Nath, said that America’s apologize as the action taken against her is totally unacceptable. India has forced the U.S. embassy in New Delhi to close down its commercial activities, including a popular social club, and has said all diplomat and embassy-staff vehicles in the country will be subject to local laws. And now the America has confirmed that American official left its embassy in Delhi at India’s request.

In my point of view, I think India must negotiate with America because Khobragade case is a small issue of irritation. India shouldn’t get rid of their relationship with America just because a weakness accident like this case, they have a long term partnership, with big issues in the past that they have related. Although this case is very sensitive for Indians but however America has already apologised for their mistake so India should forgive for their long term relashionship.

Negotiation is the best way to keep the relationship between America and India. Although their relationship aren’t too smooth but negotiation is always the best way to solve the problems.

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“How will Thailand effect economic from its investment in the ASEAN’s project to build the Trans-VN Bridge?”


“How will Thailand effect economic from its investment in the ASEAN’s project to build the Trans-VN Bridge?”

     6 days ago, there was news about Vietnam is building the longest sea bridge or the trans-VN Bridge. So before that Vietnam grabbed a position in exporting rice of Thailand that Thailand had been the first in exporting rice. And if they completed building the bridge, what will happen to Thailand?

Problem from rice mortgage scheme of Thailand that this government was the implementation. Which rice mortgage scheme has effects to Thailand whether corruption that makes no money to pay farmers also make an impact on exporting rice of Thailand that had been the first exporter but now Vietnam vie for the position. And after 6 days ago that has news about Vietnam is building the longest sea bridge to connecting the northern region to what will be the country’s largest port, as it prepares for a boost in cargo shipments by sea.

The longest sea bridge, this is bridge that Vietnam has built for transport connections ASEAN – Vietnam – China. By this bridge connect Hai Phong city to  Lach Huyen Port, which is being built on Cat Hai Island.and it has length about 5.44 kilometers. Also this the longest sea bridge that Vietnam is building also part in A new highway is being built from Haiphong City to bustling Hanoi about 110 meters that will accelerate the speed of freight by truck between the new port and the capital of Vietnam. By Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam said that the bridge and port will entail the development of economic society. Not only the city of Haiphong But also to the north of Vietnam. And Ministry of Transport announced that every Ports in the north of Vietnam has the potential to accommodate up less than 100 million tons per year, but expected to increase to 146-176 million tons per year in 2563 and  Luxembourg Hian port  will support the 35-50 million tons per year in 2563 but the bridge are scheduled to open in 2559 to accommodate larger cargo ships that Traveling directly from Vietnam to Europe and the U.S. that makes The export of Vietnam has the potential to competitive more than now. And this bridge also used as a transit point goods from Laos that Neighbors is the west and from the south of China to the northern city of Haiphong of Vietnam.

And If you think about the longest sea bridge of Vietnam in the idea of Thailand. Where is our economy going?  I think our economic downturn would be more because the foreign countries encourage the trade with Vietnam because Vietnam has a wage lower than. So the government and people of Thailand should help together to resolve this economic and make we can fight Vietnam when we go to ASEAN.

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How is Russia reacting to the Muslim threats of violence during the winter Olympics?


              In my opinion, Harem wants to disturbed Russia’s government. In Russia has bombed at a crowded railroad station in southern Russia on Sunday. It was bomb in the main railroad station in Volgograd, a city 550 miles south of Moscow and 400 miles northeast of Sochi. The bomb blew out windows in the building’s facade and left a horrific scene of carnage at its main entrance. At least 16 people were killed and nearly three dozen others were wounded. This booming happened six weeks before the Winter Olympics. It’s made Russia’s government get furious. President of Russia name is Vladimir V. Putin told everyone that he has worked to protect the Olympics with the most extensive security for the winter Olympics game but it happens the bombings at Volgograd in Russia. Stage agency warned people around there be careful with the bomb will happen soon. President of Russia told the guards have to check people who have tickets for airline and suspected person. Check all of their October, a woman identified as Naida Asiyalova aboard a bus in the city, killing herself and six others. It was not clear why suicide bombers have now twice some of the crucial battles of World War II. It is the nearest major Russian city to the Caucasus, and its proximity may play a role. In that case, the authorities said she was linked by marriage to an explosives expert working with an Islamic group in Dagestan, a republic in southern Russia where the police have struggled to suppress a Muslim separatist insurgency.

A month later, the authorities announced that they had kill her husband in a raid. But the attack on Sunday indicated that the threat was far from extinguished. President of Russia worried about this case will happened again so he take care all the people in his country. At the same time, Ministry of American Foreign Affairs warn travelling to Russia and told American people be careful with dangerous will happen soon. Suggest that athlete should not wear sport suits. All around the world interested in this news it made president of Russia place importance with his country. In the near future, Harem will clap into the jail.

Finally winter Olympics will pass.

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A protest at Sochi Olympics

Are gays and lesbians using the Winter Olympics as a platform for their protests? Why should Russia listen?

It started from Russia is the country that isn’t a homophobia country so Russian doesn’t need people from Olympics being homophobia in their country.


(This is the photo of Protesters hold graphic images of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing lipstick during a protest against Russian anti-gay laws opposite the Russian embassy Friday in Madrid. Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

The Winter Olympics 2014 is held in Sochi, Russia. But a big problem had happened that is the protest from protesters in Russian. The gay right protest were organised in nineteen cities around the globe. Because of Russian people want against this thing. One thing that Russian have to know is the Olympics have become a direct cause of human rights abuses and maybe Russian should listen to this thinking of everyone because everyone has freedom and people who are gay and lesbian didn’t do anything wrong or disrespectful to the country. Most people think that the protest should be done because some others problems have connect to this main problem. They might be forced evictions, labor exploitation and included to the threat of arrest for anyone who happens to be too visibly homosexual in Sochi. So, people need to stop the protest for being peaceful for every athletes and everyone. Marie Campbell, a director at the equality campaign group told a BBC journalist that the new Russian laws went against the spirit of the Olympics and she said “All we are saying is that we can’t just ignore the fact that this is happening in Russia where these anti-gay laws are preventing the Olympic values being lived and enjoyed by millions of people.”After that a big sponsor named AT&T convicted Russia’s stance, said”against Russia’s anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) law”.

From all these problems at Sochi, Winter Olympics 2014 through through the reasons people have to against Russian anti-gay laws. Russian need to listen to others what people from others countries want, not just what Russian want. It should be free for everyone and being peaceful together.

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War Between Thai and Burma

Thai and Burma had war several times. In the record it’s said that Thai made war with Burma 9 times. Thai won 5 wars and Burma won 4. The war began in the period of king  Tabinshwehti. The began when Burmese bring their armies to Ayutthaya territory but the Thai win in those time Thai were aren’t called Thai in those days it was called Siam.

The topography of Burma wasn’t quite good compare to Thailand. Burma is Hot and dehydrate. Once Burma was takeover by England and Burma was very obstinacy. The Burmese armies was quite strong because of Burma was built up before Thailand for a Longtime.Thailand and Burma doesn’t go along together. They had both big and small wars but the reason of the war was of

1. Burma want more people in their country they had a lot of land but there are not much people and they want more slavery.

2. The war mostly was just and order of the king.

3. The war was to takeover “Lanna” because there are lot’s of beautiful women in this country.

4. The war mostly were started because of changing king for example if a king dies and another came up he will show that he’s a powerful king just to make people believe and scare of him to show off.


5. In those they people believe in different thing there’s and animal called “Chang perk” this animal looks like and elephant but it wholes body is white people believe that anybody that has it would be lucky. This animal is very rare. People believe that if the king have lots of it the country would be develop and peaceful. Burma has a lot of Changperk but Thai had little so that’s another reason for war.

The war was only settled in sunny season because of solider don’t have any place to avoid rain. Even if they fighting and it rain both of them will stop and withdraw force back.

There are 4 kinds of forces 1.foot solider 2.horse 3.elephant 4.boat and of course there aren’t any air force in those day weapons in those days were sword,guns and some have shield but gun in those day weren’t as power as these days. The solider must have fighting skills.

Many kind of way were use to defend the territory some use hot oil pure it on top of the solider some use knife to stap but the best way is to dig around your territory and fill it with water because it will take time to cross and it will be easy to attack.


What lessons is England learning in its post – flooding disasters to help prepare it for future flooding catastrophes ?

What lessons is England learning in its post – flooding disasters to help prepare it for future flooding catastrophes  ?        

Flooding caused by heavier rainfall will be the major threat to England from climate change in the coming decades, potentially costing the country billions a year, a new assessment of the risks of global warming. New research commissioned by the Government shows that if no further plans are made to adapt to changing flood risks, as temperatures rise and population grows, by the 2080s damage to buildings and property could reach £12bn per year, compared with current costs of £1.2bn. In the worst-case scenario, five million people could be affected. Flooding is regarded as the most serious of 100 separate challenges from a changing climate to Britain’s economy, society and natural environment, which have been identified in a comprehensive new study, the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA).

These include increased health problems for vulnerable people in hotter summers, increased pressure on the UK’s water resources, droughts affecting farmers and the potential introduction of new pests and diseases. The study says that if no further precautions are taken, the number of people affected by flooding is likely to hit between 1.66 million and 3.64 million annually by the 2050s, and by 2.43 million to 4.98 million by the 2080s.

It is important  that of the many problems posed by weather change, flooding is now seen as the most important. The man behind the CCRA, Sir Bob Watson, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said. “I think the flooding issue is the most dominant.”

However, this seems at odds with the Government’s spending priorities, as expenditure on flood defence has been cut by 27 per cent from the last Labour administration’s £354m annually, to £259m a year for the next four years. “Ministers are playing Russian roulette with people’s homes and businesses by cutting too far, too fast,” the shadow Environment Secretary, Mary Creagh, said. The flooding threat comes mainly from the more intense rainfall predicted in a warmer atmosphere. “What the climate projections show, especially in winter, is significantly more precipitation, but also more heavy precipitation”

Sir Bob said. Such cloudbursts can cause river flooding, but also the new phenomenon of surface water flooding in towns when volumes of rainwater are too big for drainage systems to deal with. Both of these happened in the summer of 2007, which was Britain’s wettest. Sir Bob said the current risk assessment was based on modelling of river flooding and coastal flooding, which will be made worse by rises in sea-level. But it does not include the risk from surface water flooding, which is still being researched.

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What are the social factors contributing to the popularity of K-POP among Asian teens?

The word K-POP came from the word “Korean pop culture (some sources say that reference from the word “South Korean pop culture), which was published in the Korean culture in the Thai in the form of a similar to current – Pop is not that it will be a drama on television, movies, pop music or rock music. Current K-POP among Thai youth, strength, which can be seen from the strategic marketing of products and services that belong to the Company’s production artists out or come from fans. Fans of K-POP age most will be in the range 17 – 19 years old. Because teenagers in the age as said, this use their own favorite artists, some parents are the driving forces that you may be looking at these children nonsense just because their favorite artists, but if parents try open mind they do not have what damage it is only the mad, and the ability of the artist.

In Thailand there are many Korean artist group fan club of their leisure activities are monitored and work activities of their favorite artists through a social network. Examples, Facebook, Twitter, Line official etc. This was because the communication or the information is easier to make it easier to catch up. Among Thai youth group, one of the Korean artists imitate, they will be beating his favorite and be deemed to be a leisure activity, which activity is called cover dance. Where to find the jobs that are available on the Korean artists in Thailand.

In addition, there are also K-DRAMA K-POP’s current. K-DRAMA is a drama of South Korea are popular among teenagers worldwide is not lost to K-POP. There will be multiple KDRAMA formats which will be similar to the drama in Thailand. Examples, drama, horror, investigation and variety show.

According to the downtown streets or in Korea will open music of KPOP and have a cover dance group all along the way. The reason why artists and their works from Korea is a favorite of people around the world because of the presentation and the music play list or new concept that has kept coming out to show the development of the country.

This is a particularly popular KPOP artist of the people around the world are ranked by the media’s greatest Dispatch media Korea has a list as follows:


If we love, or favorite artist and limits, there would be a good result for us.

** I’m Exo’s fan **

—— 감사합니다 (THANK YOU) ——–

Sawarot Tipphayamongkol

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Is genetic testing humans playing God? How far is it Ethical?

Biotechnology can now cross animals with plants, leaving the vegetarian confused. The scientific world today has the power to alter the very fabric of nature, by transferring characteristics not only between plants , but cross-altering animals, plants and human beings. Genetic engineering which is without ethical limitation has a serious impact on the environment of animals and plants. It violates our relationship with the natural world. Most people believe animals have a right to live their lives free from human interference with their original genetic structure. Also, that animals can never serve as models of human disease — just because they’re much too different. But scientists still keep trying — after all, the human transplant market is worth well over $ 6 billion per year!

Biotechnology in recent years has been progressing in leaps and bounds. It represents a quantum leap in the exploitation of animals, allowing humans to move genes from one species of animal into another totally different species.

 Scientists and biotech companies in some major countries of the world want to create new animals that produce more and ‘better’ meat, give up their valuable products such as wool more easily, and have organs that can be used in human transplants. It doesn’t stop there… many of the genetically modified crops now being field-tested in the US (and around the world) could not only have a devastating Jurassic-Park type impact on the global eco-system, but also hit agriculture-based third-world economies dependent on cash crops. Genetic engineering is a one-dimensional ‘reductionist-science’ that ignores the wider dynamics of life systems.

 Genetic engineering primarily involves the introduction of genes containing DNA (deoxyribo-nucleus acid) procured from humans or animals into cells of bacteria, yeast or other animals. One of the outcomes is termed ‘Transgenic Animal’. These transgenic animals cannot be bred by natural/traditional selection or artificial insemination.

 Donor females are given hormone injections and hormone impregnated sponges are also inserted directly into their reproductive tracts, so as to make them produce lots of egg-cells. This process has been termed ‘super-ovulation’. These eggs are then artificially inseminated either manually or surgically. Next the embryos are collected by further surgery or slaughter. These embryos are then injected with foreign DNA containing the genes of preferable traits, and then transferred into foster mothers, by surgery again.It takes 80 donors and recipient animals to produce only one transgenic cow — if everything works perfectly — which is VERY rare. Once the transgenic animal is produced, its suffering just about starts… for example, non-porcine genes have been added to pigs, producing animals with gastric ulcers, liver and kidney disorders, lameness, damaged eye-sight, loss of co-ordination, sensitivity to pneumonia and diabetic conditions. Genetic engineering research is most often carried out on animals such as pigs, mice, sheep, farm animals, fish and sometimes, even on some plants such as the tomato, tobacco and corn. Vegetarians around the world are seriously wondering whether the food they are eating is actually vegetarian. In the case of Flavor Savoras they are usually called, tomatoes are genetically altered by introducing into them genes from a fish, the Arctic Flounder, so as to reduce freezer damage, to enable them to have a longer shelf-life, to ripen longer on the tree while remaining firm at the time of picking and transporting and to make them bigger and tastier as well. No layman can make out the difference between Flavor Savor and a normal tomato which is primarily why staunch vegetarians want the altered tomatoes labeled.Other such experiments with vegetables include chicken genes introduced into potatoes for resistance to disease and for increasing shelf-life and size, tobacco altered with mouse genes to reduce impurities or with a gene from fire-flies that makes the leaves glow at night. Some biotechnologists go to the extent where it becomes a game for them — playing around with genes of animals. This might result in some ghastly creature produced just to satisfy someone’s whims and fancies.Scientists in the US have bred a mouse called the ‘Oncomouse’ which has been genetically engineered to develop cancer and in due course die a slow, painful death. The first oncomouse was bred in 1981, yet, in the past 15 years, a cure for cancer still seems to elude scientists. Genetic engineering on mice does not stop there. A mouse specifically created to lack an immune


system has been used to grow human organs, like ears, externally, even internally. The absence of an immune system ensures that the mouse will not reject human tissues. Scientists make a look-alike mold of a human organ, say, an ear, with biodegradable polyester fabric or other polymers.They then transfer the bone/muscle cells into the form and transplant it on the mouse. When ready, the organ is ‘grafted’ from the mouse. The mouse somehow manages to remain alive after the ear is removed.Similarly, scientists have managed to grow liver, skin, cartilage, bone, ureters, heart valves, tendons, intestines, blood-vessels and breast-tissue with such polymers. But, if the idea of reversing the experiment (substitute the mice with humans) came about, people would call it blasphemous! No thought for the animals is involved. The extent to which these experiments will go is uncertain. A change will only come about when scientists realize the animals’ right to live a normal, healthy life, without man tampering with their genes.Pigs are also grown transgenetically, so that their organs can be transplanted into humans. Transgenic pigs were first produced in 1985. Scientists have succeeded in making the required organs in pigs capable of producing human cells. These proteins they hope will trick the human immune system while transplanting the organ(s) so that the recipient does not react to the foreign tissue.Another example is that of sheep that have been injected with hormones, bioengineered to cause wool-shedding to produce the so-called ‘self-shearing’ sheep. This is done in Australia, where, unfortunately for the sheep, the climate is mostly hot and sunny. As a result, some sheep experience an increased rate of abortion.

  How Far is it Ethical?

Genetic engineering on animals is highly undesirable, unnatural and therefore unethical. Some rationalists believe that it is tantamount to tinkering with nature’s pre-planned programme. Once modified, the individual genetic ‘personality’ of the animal stands irreversibly altered. It is used AGAINST the well-being of animals rather than FOR their welfare.

Genetic engineering is highly immoral because of four robust reasons:

 1. Although lower in the order of evolution animals are very much sentient beings which means that they are capable of feeling pleasure and pain in the same way as we do.

 2. In the case of humans, their permission is taken for genetic engineering. Further, for certain experiments, they are paid ‘inducement money’ and in the case of failure, they are given a generous compensation. In contrast, in the case of animals, genetic engineering is done without their permission or any compensation which is patently mean and unfair.

 3. Animals being speechless and defenseless, cannot run away (all escape routes are blocked), resist (they are held down), protest (they are muzzled), or lodge a police complaint nor can they move the court for redressal of their grievances.

 4. There are psychological perspectives also. Like human mammals, animal mammals also develop great attachment towards their young. And when any of the young is forcibly separated from the mother, she feels sad and expresses her sorrow. Early weaning leads to abnormal behavior and pathological changes in the small intestine. Even rough handling affects their psyche. Fear of humans reduces the reproductive performance of animals. Further, in cloning of animals (say cow, buffalo, pig, rabbit, mouse etc.) multi-identical offspring are born. The mother becomes attached to her young and each offspring’s separation from her causes mental shock and plunges her into depression. Repeated cycles of this trauma leaves her heart-broken. This is mental cruelty.

 Thus, the prime motive for using genetic engineering on animals is not for any real concern for or welfare of them but solely and ultimately for the benefit of man. In other words, all gains go to man and nil to animal — it stands to lose its health, limb or life for man.

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No other animal drink other animal’s milk

“why some of Thai people can’t drink milk and allergic to milk, Is milk’s danger for human?”

In Thailand we have so many kids but some of them are fat and some of them are skinny. For Thai people they believe that if their kids drink a lot of milk when they grow up they will be very strong and tall and healthy but they don’t know if their kids drink too much milk their kids will be fat and risky to get disease not only kids but for adult it can be too. If you are milk lover you should have read this.
Many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the U.S. campaign to stop people drinking milk seriously. Research shows that milk causes allergies, diabetes, bone decay ADHD children’s ear infections, asthma, abdominal pain, bedwetting, nosebleed, headache, sinusitis, etc. Milk causes the body to high real big. But not because calcium
Cow’s milk is hazardous to health, cumulative unconsciously. As most people are well aware that cows not human food. No other animal on this planet. Drink the milk of other animals And experimental work show that the milk of another animal’s poison.
Milk has a different effective some have a slow expression but some have a early expression someone drink it and shock someone drink it and vomit someone drink it and bleeding in the lung for slow expression is a skin rashes, asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, diabetes, obesity increases the risk of cancer. This shows that milk is danger for human. However, nobody care about this research because they still believe that if you drink a lot of milk you will be strong and healthy.
There is one man that he is allergic to milk. He can’t drink milk since he was young. He is so worry about his son he scared that his son will allergic to cow’s milk like him. He went to see a doc tor and doctor said “lucky you that you body don’t accept milk and he isn’t misled to drink cow’s milk “ the doctor said that this man he look like a healthy man not fat that much doesn’t look like the European who always eat and drink cow’s milk and cheese and then when they get older they will be very fat because of cheese and cow’s milk. This man his height about 1.8 meters for Thai people he is tall.
In fact, cow’s milk is not good that much that you think but to drinking cow’s is the beginning of many disease in your life. If you saying that you are healthy people but you still drink cow’s milk you should have think about it again that what you think and what you do is it right? I am the one who like to drink cow’s milk but after this research I am thinking about not to drink cow’s milk and I will tell everyone that you shouldn’t have drink cow’s milk if you don’t want to be the failing health.